Do you have a car? Remember, never worn tire! This will give you and the safety of the vehicle pose a dangerous, real life also have a lot of this lesson.

Automobile tires, not only carries the body, personnel and goods full weight and per hour tens of kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers to the speed gallop. Therefore, it is necessary a high mechanical strength, tire in long-term use due to wear, aging, fatigue and mechanical damage, the mechanical properties have been greatly reduced, intensity already reduces the number of, can not meet the high-speed vehicles. It will suddenly burst at high speed, accidents. Especially the front tire, the most dangerous. Front tire after the explosion side by the resistance increases will produce great torque, when the driver of the car by physical strength simply fail to keep the steering wheel, the vehicle will turned sharply too. On the left side of the tire, the vehicle will and twist to the left toward the central isolation belt (highway) or and opposite to car collision (ordinary road), on the right side of the tire will turn red road ditch or into the crowd, the consequences very terrible. China's 2002 770000 traffic accidents happened, which caused the accident due to a puncture not tens of thousands.

The car is the most important tire replacement equipment on the car, is the consumption of auto materials, the use of it is life. The average car tire mileage over 40000 to 50000 km or more than 3 years in the time should be updated. Some people are cheap, with the old generation, manage, in fact it is very uneconomical.