After the car audio conversion, sound like? And the car's original sound much difference?

       Car audio conversion, in foreign countries, especially Japan has been very mature, and continue to affect many Asian countries. In other countries, by the sound car audio conversion are experienced, professional and know how to play sound company to be modified, they are based on their expertise to provide the different needs of brand owners and audio technology. Japan has two enormous scale automotive supplies supermarkets Autobacs (autobacs) and yellow hat (yellowhat), its popularity far beyond the automotive sectors, but very few people go there modified car stereo. Because we all understand that this is an automotive supplies supermarkets, and modified car stereo should go to a more professional car audio company. Visible car audio conversion is unusual, nor sound experience once a day can have.

       From the other point of view, the original sound system of the domestic production of imported cars, are also provided by the well-known brands of audio manufacturers OEM accessory products (domestic production). These brands of car audio, though not the top, but the factory have been experts accurately debug, and therefore acceptable acoustics, vehicle owners generally can accept. The relatively picky people will try to be modified.

       But the current domestic car audio conversion, most are located in automotive supplies and automotive decorative beauty shop, and served as operations and are unskilled laborer lack of experience and sound knowledge of sound, only with equipment of brand and price to the owners of publicity, so that the already sound unfamiliar to owners mistakenly believe that this is the entire contents of the car audio conversion. Many owners through modified later found, the effect of their car audio conversion, with their very different effect originally thought, and some even worse than the original sound. Originally these so-called conversion, in fact, removed the equipment put on skilled operators. Stereo sound, and the store to complete the task. Some of the modified sound, the effect and not only equipment performance has not been normal play, and even damage the original car's electrical system, leaving a hidden danger to the owners of the future of security.

       The key is to see the modified car stereo can be effective debugging. As the car space narrow, slightly wrong, then it sounds very uncomfortable. This is not the same sound at home. Even the brand-name audio, if the debugger is not in place, the same will not have a good voice. Therefore, the domestic car audio market has not yet mature, the owner should think twice. Conversion process also includes equipment with a choice, true and false brand recognition, performance of the play equipment application, design changes fixed position, mold production, and so reasonable. Car stereo as a commodity, is only a semi-finished products. And truly complete refit, it must rely on debugging. Therefore we can say, debugging is successful, it can really reflect your car audio conversion is successful.