Night eyes:

       People often say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. If you compare car headlight eyes, that its role can not just express the driver's intention as simple. In the night, it is the only means we have to see the situation outside and communicate with the outside world.

       According to automotive engineering experts, learn from a system perspective, the car driven by collecting information - analysis and judgment - three basic processes constitute vehicle handling. Gathering information is a prerequisite for driving safety, even if the road conditions you are not clear, how could they make the right judgment and operate?

 Your headlights bright enough?

       If at night or in bad weather conditions, the less your car headlight illumination, it seems, like to walk off glasses myopia. Three fifty meters away to see the road, and the road does not know which direction to turn a corner, do not know the road there is no obstacle; how far away across the car, how fast can not judge. Would it not be the driver in the "blind man riding a blind horse, midnight deep pond" in danger?

       Traditional halogen no rectifier, though it can guarantee the basic lighting needs, but Tommy Wong issued a halogen lamp is not very high, especially when driving at night and signposted obstacle limited reaction; and night-time driving, yellow easy to make eye fatigue in the state. This, often at night on their way to open long-distance truck drivers appreciate the personal in there. Once the human eye fatigue, speed of response to outside information will reduce the chance of accidents will naturally elevated. I also had the experience of driving at night several times in the median strip of the highway there, are subject to very carefully, let alone in isolation with no common national highway, long distances car drivers are fully understood.

       After the advent of xenon headlamps, these problems can be solved.
       Xenon headlights - make your car will always be the day
       Automotive xenon lamp is Philips developed the first success. Xenon lamps can emit light like the sun, both far and wide projection range. You can solve the problem of insufficient headlight illumination.
       Take Philips Xenon lamps, for example, compared with the traditional halogen lamp, brightness equivalent wattage xenon headlamps enhance the 200%. Higher brightness brings further light range, greatly improving the driver's ability to find the distance and the road on both sides of the obstacle. If faced with an emergency, the driver's reaction time is more nearly one second. Do not underestimate this one second, it is probably the key to decide whether an accident occurred.

       Moreover, self-cleaning and auto-dimming systems installed in the xenon lamp, allowing occupants to enjoy high brightness bring security, the initiative to reduce glare, can effectively eliminate the impact will be on the opposite car driver.

       I have a friend in Shanghai 333 Team work in September this year just to put his car POLO Philips Xenon headlights, specially picked installed after the road test in a circle at night, then I can not wait to describe his firsthand experience. He excitedly described to me:.. "Xenon opened, I feel very different, your eyes are a blue shade and so on tens of seconds, the blue-white light becomes a sharp white light, and the sun is not only similar results near the front of the scene at a glance, even the road situation 100 meters away also seen clearly. lights emit light both far and wide, bright but do not produce dizzy visit, feeling like a flag in the daytime, roadside and Crossroads are very clear. "

       Urban drivers often nine to five, often in the morning and evening traffic, and the human eye at dawn and dusk, when the color and shape recognition weakest pupil in alternating day and night working condition. This moment has been insufficient light, that is, the feeling of gray (and polluted cities deepened this situation), originally in the 300 meters distance you can clearly determine the target, this time generally have closer to 50 meters up. And the intensity of the big city road vehicles, of which there are almost one-third of silver cars (silver is a good camouflage, it is easy to integrate into the gray background, it is not easy to discern shape). In this case, the high brightness xenon lamp, the role of the human eye sensitive system of incentives to fully play out.