1.  a vehicle driving on bumpy roads and through the speed with time, try not to replace the disc operation, when strong turbulence disc easily misplaced.

2.  using deformation discs, disc-shaped, too thin or too thick discs, disc play mouth and stick labels on the disc, will cause chuck failure.

3.  Do not use severely scratched discs, will be heard when playing off the tone and knock Singles "da da" sound phenomenon, the laser head can cause premature aging and damage.

4.  must be in strict accordance with the instructions to operate, forced into the disc may cause failure; if people use the same car, the best CD player in the next prompt, the front six-disc players or platter, so as not to be inserted into the disc damage to the machine.

5.  POLO and Bora, Golf car stereo placed next to the cup holder, please do not put no cover glass (such as cans of Coke). Avoid sudden braking bumps and water spilled into the car stereo, resulting in failure.

6.  Multi-Changer movement structure complex, the failure must go to the designated repair station to repair, do not disassemble, in order to avoid man-made causes malfunction scope.

7.  Do not leave fingerprints on the disc.

8.  do not expose the disc to the next heat or sunlight, to avoid distortion.

9.  eject the disc after the disc back into the box, to prevent scratches and dust damage.