Many people like to listen to music while driving, and make driving more fun. But listening to music is a little bit of trouble, use the radio to broadcast the uncertainty is large, may be an hour broadcast without a song that I want to hear songs; CD player to listen to music meet do not want to hear the song had to jump over and car compartment to put a lot of CD box also takes up a lot of space. Thus, the vehicle MP3 came into being.

MP3- digital mobile music

       In recent years, due to the popularity of digital entertainment products, car MP3 gradually into people's sight, and the formation of a fashion trend in the car family. Whether it is a CD, tape, or MD, their music carrier are separated from the host, that is to say, as long as the host is installed in the car, we take corresponding disc and cassette can enjoy music. MP3 is different, and its carrier -- FLASH is integrated in the MP3 host. A long engaged in car audio sales, Ms. Zhu told reporters that the main principle of MP3 is to put the MP3 in the music, in the way of radio transmission, transmission to the car FM radio, and then through the FM broadcast, playing music MP3. MP3 is divided into two major categories: one is the built-in launch module MP3 player, which is integrated inside the FM player MP3 transmitter, as long as there is such a MP3 can be achieved on board functions. The other is a separate FM transmitter module, which is just a separate FM transmitter, it is not specifically designed for MP3, other products, such as PDA, MD, CD, etc. can also be used.

Internet music download time

       With the continuous development of network music, CD is also due to the high cost of purchase and content is not flexible and the use of a sharp decline. Beijing Electronic Science and technology company responsible person told the reporter, the popular MP3 is, in fact, the development of the network, have changed the people to exchange information and type of way. Whether we buy a tape or a CD disk, the purchase is stored on the above information. And the popularization of computer, the Internet is convenient, make MP3 become the most inexpensive, the most convenient way to exchange music. He said, according to incomplete statistics, the United States for the last two or three years, because more people chose MP3 this music format, CD music sales have dropped by about 30%. Today, the tide is sweeping the Internet every corner of our lives, the automotive industry is also difficult to avoid. In the past, the high-end digital storage products MP3 is now also cleverly grafted into the traditional automotive industry. Now, some car owners team expands ceaselessly, driving a car, with a pet, in the music to accompany AutoPro world, car MP3 will be for people to enjoy the car network brings pleasure.

Car MP3 in the eyes of the car

       A work of the government in the work of Mr. Jia told reporters that the original feel that they have a MP3 on the line, wearing headphones on the car can listen to music. But this is a problem, if you have a MP3 headset is no way to use the mobile phone's headset, once the car is a problem when the call is a problem, but also to drive the driving factors. Car MP3 are the use of car audio to the music, which solves the problem. In addition, car audio effect is compared with Headset listen, listen more.
Just bought a car near the new year's day in a car MP3, he told reporters, "I saw in the Internet to buy the computer city. The biggest advantage is that you want to hear what you want to download, do not always go to press CD key. I mainly have the digital camera with the SD card, the machine has the SD card interface and USB interface, to me very practical also radio, overall feeling good, just not a very good my horn, bass effect is not very good. When using it for the first time, the peak time, it is used in car MP3 to pass the time.
Reporters in a car family of colleagues made a small survey, 10 respondents aged 25 to 45 years old. Survey results show that about 90% of people know that the car MP3 this device, 50% of people are using or have used car MP3, only a very few people have never heard of MP3. This part has not been exposed to the car MP3, after listening to a brief introduction to the reporter also expressed a great interest. Some people say: "the car is the most in need of music." A lot of people are interested in the music on the car. It looks like it is.

Types of vehicle MP3

       Car MP3 built in two series with the external type. The basis of the two series is the combination of the MP3 player and the radio frequency device. The integrated design of the on-board radio frequency device in the MP3 player is called the built-in MP3; the common MP3 is bundled with a FM transmitter, which is called an external MP3.
Built in car MP3 in addition to carry convenient, compact appearance, the launch frequency is more, which is the most obvious advantage of the built-in MP3, which means that the MP3 transmitter frequency band is not easy to conflict with the local FM radio. When a band has been occupied, the owners can choose other band to play the favorite music MP3. Some of the latest design of one type of car MP3 products can even support the launch of any frequency band, further breaking the limit of the FM emission frequency. The drawback of the built in MP3 is that once you choose it, you can't change it because the appearance is not so popular, which is easier to implement on an external MP3. For the radio frequency device and player bundled collocation, when the owners do not like the appearance of the player, you can replace the player alone and not waste more money. But this external MP3 transmitter frequency is generally only fixed a few, many of which are not designed for MP3 player.