1.  avoid high speed drive
       At the beginning of the new car driving stage have prescribed speed, the general provisions of domestic car within 40-70km / h; general provisions of imported cars in the initial 1000km. When the throttle fully open speed not more than 80% of the maximum speed and requirements in the use of attention to observe engine tachometer and speedometer, make hair mover speed and speed in the medium speed work.

2.  avoid full load operation

       A new car or just big repair car will cause damage to the parts of full load operation. Therefore, in the original 1000km, the domestic car can not exceed the rated load of the 75%-80%; imported cars can not exceed 90% of the rated load.

3.  avoid early removal of speed limit

       The speed limit is a piece arranged between a carburetor and an air inlet pipe throttling device. The driver should not be removed in advance, but should be in the initial 1000km end with initial drive maintenance will take off it again. Imported cars generally do not have the speed limit, completely on the driver's own control speed.

       To avoid long-distance running
       We will make the car run long, continuous operation of the engine time increases, resulting in increased wear of machine parts.