After a period of low temperature and rainy weather, Guangzhou these days the temperature began to significantly increased, although not to real in the summer season, but now owners of film, check the air conditioning has a lot of, shrewd businessmen this period of time also launched a lot of preferential services activities, for car owners, spent 300 yuan to check the air conditioning, 1500 yuan installed a set of imported explosion-proof membrane, let oneself safely in summer is definitely a good choice.

       But the heat of summer, in addition to the owners of a friend who driving environment become bad outside, car in the summer also faces more hostile environment, automobile use the so-called "third repair, raising seven points, how in the summer, take good care of your car, the owner is the start off the heart problem, I recently visited the Guangzhou gold car port Auto Service Center Manager Deng Xindong, he pointed out that the owners and friends of daily maintenance time to do enough to let the car safely in summer.

1.  to prevent puncture

       Summer surface temperature is higher, automobile tire using the environment even worse, so be sure to pay attention to make the inspection and maintenance of automobile tires, to prevent puncture.
According to Deng Xindong introduced in high temperature conditions, due to the high temperature, the tire heat dissipation is slower, and the air pressure is correspondingly higher and easily lead to tire blow. Therefore, in the high temperature conditions to pay attention to the tire temperature and air pressure, regular checks to ensure that the provisions of the standard of air pressure. If it is found that the lack of gas, should be promptly filled, absolutely can not do the driving. If the car tire temperature is too high, cut not available pour pour cold water on the way to reduce the tire temperature, it will due to tread and tire side glue the part shrinkage and cracking.