According to the Ministry of health disease control department in April 2003 2, issued by the various pollution objects commonly used disinfection methods? Trial? "Article 10: car, inside and outside the ship surface and space, available 0.5% Peracetic acid solution or effective chlorine chlorine containing disinfectant solution spray to wet surface, the role of 60 minutes. Sealed space, can be used to disinfect the disinfectant solution. On the pollution of the bacteria, 7 ml of 15% ml per cubic meter, 1 grams / cubic meter, 2% of the space is also available for the use of aerosol spray, the amount of 8 ml / m3, the role of 60 minutes.

Solution of peracetic acid is a strong oxidizing agent, has strong resistance to corrosion, can not be used directly hand contact, solution preparation should wear rubber gloves, prevent the liquid medicine splashing into the skin. And the acid liquid on the metal corrosive, not for the metal disinfection, so in addition to the car when the metal decorations take out, at the same time to pay attention to avoid metal parts in the car. At the same time in the disinfection before, should also be the car inside the clothes, paper towel box, perfume bottles and other daily necessities of life out of the car, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.