To reduce the cost of the use of tires, there are ways to, the owners can proceed from the following aspects.

       1.  tire pressure strictly in accordance with the manufacturers instructions inflatable, the pressure is too high or too low will increase tire wear and shorten the service life, taking Santana car as an example? The front wheel inflation pressure of 2.0 kg / cm2. Rear wheel is 2.9 kg / cm2. Error should not exceed 10%.

       2.  a regular to the professional repair factory to do the "four round of positioning" maintenance, and will tire reasonable transposition. Use the attention not to overload. Don't do the common vehicle off-road driving.

       3.  tire in use and storage process should be to avoid acid corrosion, high temperature, exposure, mechanical rolling hole, cuts, a long distance, be sure to spare wheel, a jack, a tool sleeve belt, to change a tire.

       The outer surface of the tyre, often labeled 6.50 - 14, 8PR words, the 650 - 14 said tire dimensions, the unit was an inch, 1 inch = 25.4 mm, 8PR 8 curtain cloth in the tire. When you buy must to manufacturers to consult these two parameters in order to buy the right tyres.